Meet our incredible speakers, each weaving their own brand of alchemy, at this event and beyond. 

In alphabetical order....

Agnieszka Laskus

Since Agnieszka's early childhood she has been deeply connected to nature, Christ Consciousness and drawn to sacred sites, especially the land of Americas. She received her first past life regression at the age of 14 and saw Christ at the age of 17. 

Her early spiritual development happened naturally and intuitively under the care of her mother, surrounded by healers and herbalists, a psychic grandfather and an engineer dad fascinated by quantum physics. 

She was first initiated by the Mayan waters at Palenque Pyramids in 2003 and called to service in Wistman’s Wood Dartmoor in 2018.

As a young adult, she worked in education and consultancy. Today, as per her earlier guidance, she has stepped fully into working with sacred water art, multidimensional healing and grid work. 

Agnieszka has an accreditation in a number of healing modalities but the most of her growth has come from activations on land, where she received profound healing codes and guidance from Spirit, Ascended Masters and the elements, most recently from Mother Mary at Medjugorie, Bosnia and from Purity Codes of the Lemurian Waters at Mt Shasta. 

She works with sacred masculine essence, anchoring new codes on ancient land, transmuting and clearing old densities, and activating land where the wounded masculine needs lifting. To this end, she has been sent to a number of locations including Cornwall, Poland Portugal, France, Northern America and Ireland.

Since Agnieszka's early days she has been communing with the plant kingdom, in particular trees. After her 2017 initiation, she has been called by the mycelium network and has since been working intensely with medicinal mushrooms, especially Amanita Muscaria. She is gaining accreditation in these studies, make medicinal micro-dose remedies and holds ceremonies to share the wisdom of this ancient medicine plant. 

www.AgniLas.com (healing)
www.AgnieszkaLaskus.com (artwork)

Agnieszka will be presenting along with Jo Hemmant on Friday

Chris Price

From an early age, Chris has felt drawn to the sound of the Didgeridoo and Native American flute. He taught himself to play these instruments, which have become his passion, and has since realised the benefits they can offer. Adding other percussion instruments, a loop pedal  and keyboard, he creates a soundscape where people can lie or sit and enjoy the sounds, which offer deep relaxation, guidance, healing, or whatever is needed for the individual. He currently offers regular sound journeys locally in Devon and at the Healing Weekend festival in Highbridge every year.

Chris and Madeleine Walker have come together to co-create EarthStar - a symbiotic fusion of shamanic earth soundscape instruments and transformative starlight song - and they have just launched their new website EarthStarsMusic.com.


EarthStar will be offering a sound journey on Thursday

Eli The Everyman

Eli grew up in the world of theatre, music, storytelling and mythology.

He is an accomplished amateur in the field of disseminating esoteric knowledge to the wider public.

His previous talks include "The Twin Pillars of the Apocalypse - Disclosure & Ascension", "Feeling as Frequency", "Intellect vs Intuition" and "Sound is Light!".  Eli is the conduit facilitator for The Shine Seminars, The Great Somerset Gathering, and founder of The Mesoteric Club


Eli will be presenting on Friday

Dr Joe Delaney, PhD CSci, FIBMS.
Scientist, Shaman, Showman and Scoundrel 

As an Independent Consultant in Integrative Medicine, Dr Joe specialises in helping  individuals to reconnect with their essential, authentic natures and to be guided by  their innate, intuitive intelligence to make wiser, healthier choices, leading to a more  joyful and fulfilling life.  

Dr Joe, (also affectionately known as Dr Lightheart) holds a PhD in Medicine and is a  neuroscientist with a big heart. He is also a recognised university lecturer in evolutionary and developmental psychology and a renowned authority on subtle  energy medicine and the mind-body connection. 

In 1987, during the Harmonic Convergence, Joe had a massive wake-up call and  realised that the world was operating upside-down and back-to-front. Since then, he  has brought a different perspective to health and medicine through the IAM Approach  to Health and Wellbeing. This revolutionary approach is a rescue remedy for  individuals and organisations to effectively deal with the symptoms of these shifting  times and the ever-increasing pressures and chaos of modern living.  

The IAM Approach combines ancient wisdom with the latest cardiac neuroscience science and cutting-edge developments in evolutionary psychology, allowing  individuals to hack into their physiology to change their psychology.  

Along with his scientific qualifications, Joe is a Reiki Master, certified lifestyle and  mindfulness coach, and sports and remedial massage therapist. Besides this, he is  also a jolly nice fellow. 


Dr Joe will be presenting on Thursday

Jo Hemmant

Jo lives in Kent, the Garden of England, and the beautiful land there was very instrumental in her awakening. 

Jo’s  path is devotional, mystical, the path to divine union. She is a seer, dreamer, weaver, gridworker, sound (crystal singing bowls) and energy healer, mentor and guide, taking clients on journeys within, to gift them insights and tools that will help them heal and become whole.

The elements and the many magical realms of Gaia are at the heart of her practice and she has a deep devotion to the waters and the land. She is  particularly drawn to the ancient network of springs and holy wells and travels often to sacred water sites. Ceremony is a cornerstone, as is invocation. The remembering of her Essene and Cathar lifetimes and her connection to the Sisterhood of the Rose are ever present. 


Jo will be presenting along with Agnieszka Lazkus on Friday

Kimberley Lovell

Kimberley Lovell is a Medium, Channel, Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, Quantum Hypnotherapy Trainer, Master Theta Healer, Life & Business Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Teacher with over 35+ years’ experience working with personal, professional, and spiritual development.  She is a Best-Selling Amazon Author of two books and lives in Bournemouth. 

Soul Journeys: An Exploration in Multidimensional Consciousness 

Soul Journeys II: Galactic Adventures

Kimberley is the Founder of Soulutions, where she empowers healers, coaches, visionary leaders, changemakers, wayshowers, and spiritual entrepreneurs to embody their greatest potential through personal and spiritual development, conscious leadership and priestess programmes.

To find out more about Kimberley’s 1:1 Ascension/Alchemical Healing/Coaching, Group Programmes, Mentoring & Training please visit her website.  


Kimberley will be presenting on Thursday

Lisa Raven 

Lisa is a Holder of Sophia Dragon Codes, Soul Alchemist & Light Language Linguistic

Lisa works from Source consciousness. She is a Soul Alchemist and Energy Catalyst, a Lemurian High Priestess who embodies Blueprints of the Original Source Codes carrying Sophianic Christos Templates of Pure Light for distribution as a Grid Worker, Weaver, Mentor and Master Healer.

Lisa's involved work is Anchoring the Divine Templates of Oneness, re-coding crystalline consciousness for the return of the Golden Frequency through Opening Inner Earth Portals and Grids, and through Sacred Land Gatherings and Personal Activation Sessions.


Lisa will be presenting on Friday

Madeleine Walker

It is Madeleine's delight to share the starlight songs from the inner and outer realms, guided by her Leonine Lyran family who gift their light language and the Cetacean Nations who wish to bring you home to your true divinity and star identities. Her beautiful instruments wish to be heard and their sounds received by all who resonate with these songs, codes and frequencies of the new earth. These reactivate and reawaken all that has laid dormant for so long. As the star lions would say "A cosmic re-alioning!"

Madeleine and Chris Price have come together to co-create EarthStar - a symbiotic fusion of shamanic earth soundscape instruments and transformative starlight song - and they have just launched their new website EarthStarsMusic.com.

The lions have now also gifted her with her Leonine name - Leolani!


EarthStar will be offering a sound journey on Thursday

Mark Leib

Mark Leib is a designer, interior architect, geobiologist, sacred space builder & researcher.

He is the founder & creative director of Sacred Design Studio – an innovative consultancy that creates high-vibration environments which optimise wellness, healing & transformation through deep connection to nature.

Sacred Design Studio collaborates with visionary clients to create exceptional holistic architecture and sanctuaries that energetically support their local ecosystems and the raising of global consciousness.

Mark utilises an exclusive nature-based design methodology that integrates the authentic wisdom of the ancient traditions with cutting-edge biofield technology & quantum field analysis.

Mark has twenty-five years’ experience within international studios as a multi-disciplinary interior architect creating award-winning hospitality, spa and residential projects.

He is a director of Earthlight, a community herb garden in Somerset where he is leading a research programme into Sacred Design and its effects on soil health & plant growth.

Mark offers bespoke design consultancy, an online property harmonisation service and training in sacred space building & dowsing.




Mark will be presenting on Thursday

Nickita Starck

Nickita founded the company, When Push Comes To Shove, when independent midwives in the UK lost their insurance to practice. This was the last hope for women to have autonomy over their birth. 

She is also a singer & songwriter and released the song ‘Breathe Again’ to spread awareness of informed consent in childbirth and her organisation.

Nickita is a highly skilled traditional birth attendant who has been practicing for 14 years. Through her extensive experience in assisting women through the process of pregnancy and birth, she has gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of holistic care. Her expertise in the field of physiological birth has enabled her to share her insights with others and contribute to the development of a more effective approach to childbirth.

Thanks to her pioneering efforts, she has played a crucial role in the establishment of an alternative maternity structure that is truly remarkable. At the heart of her philosophy is the belief that love is the key to overcoming the challenges that arise in the realm of maternal healthcare. Rather than simply criticising the existing system, she has worked tirelessly to create a new one that is based on this foundational principle.

Nickita’s approach to maternity care is centred around providing women with the support they need to navigate the complexities of childbirth with grace and confidence. By prioritising love and compassion in her work, she has created a safe and welcoming space for women to give birth in a way that is aligned with their own unique needs and desires. Her dedication to this cause has made a profound impact on the lives of countless women and families, and her work will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of maternal healthcare for years to come.


Nickita will be presenting on Thursday


Rebekah is the founder of Somerset Soulfood: https://www.somersetsoulfood.com/  and a medicine woman with a strong bond to the medicines of these lands. 

As a herbalist she introduces people to the plants found in hedgerow and the garden to engender a sense of connection to herbs and health sovereignty. She also studied with the Shapibo and found the knowledge of this indigenous Peruvian tribe invaluable in connecting to the plants of these lands. 

Through deep meditations and 'dietas' she forms profound bonds with trees and herbs native to these ancient isles.

Rebekah will be presenting on Friday

Thoor Sannanda Asanen Kenoby

Thoor’s passion is to walk the path of spirituality, and to discover what it means to be here on Planet Earth in a human body.

Through the last 38 years he has gone into a profound exploration of different ways of accessing the deeper layers of his divine nature. 

In his younger years several times Swedish Judo Champion transitioning to explore health, vitality and spirituality. He had a school of bodywork for 20 years with more than 13000 students learning massage, reflexology and healing arts. During this time he expanded into Yoga, Breathe-work, shamanic ways, ecstatic dance, empowerment and mental training. 

Today his main focus is to initiate a planetary move focusing on Sacred Holistic Communities initiating a new paradigm for all who feels the call.  To create a new Micro Nation that holds a higher paradigm within its core, expressing beauty and higher intelligence in its actions and between its members. 

We are living in a turbulent world and we are waking up to the limitations of the old system. In many now, a longing for something greater is awakening, to live a life in accordance with truth and divine connection.  There is a call to come together in communities. To grow our own food, to be free to express a higher way of living, in harmony with others and nature. To co-create peacefully for the benefit of all living beings, to thrive rather then survive. 

Thoor is deeply dedicated to make this a reality and is investigating what is needed for Sacred Holistic Communities to be manifested, as well as a Micro Nation. This vision has great potential to become real when we are uniting as one force to create it.


Thoor will be presenting on Friday