Why "Thrive"?

Some of our amazing guest speakers will be sharing their experiences of how they moved from the old system that CONSUMES, into THRIVING in the new system that INCLUDES, as well as many other Heart Soul gifts to help re-purpose, heal, clear, balance, support and stabilise a new way of thinking, as the way forward for Us All. 

We Hope that you will enjoy Experiencing, Learning, Receiving, Being Encouraged, Feeling Empowered and if not already, Come into Full Realisation of your Already Thriving Beautiful Environments You Occupy as A Sovereign Being in your Own Right.

What does thriving mean to you?

We believe that Thriving is about working on self-development, personal growth and resilience. A huge part of becoming resilient is learning to become more adaptable in a time when the world is changing so rapidly. 

Thriving is also a psychological state of mind, Thriving is about flourishing, accomplishment and a deep-seated sense of happiness.

A Thriving mindset is about continually challenging oneself in a healthy way to continually question who we are as an Individual, and whether or not this is in line with who we want to become.

So to access the flow of consciousness that exists within our innate knowing (Soul Gnosis), we come to understand the place of survival and surviving that we have been conditioned with and that keeps us in co-dependent and slavery mindsets, which we shed in order to thrive.

A Thriving leader operates from their own expectations to engage fully in life, bringing their best selves to how they lead and to utilise the energies that keep one motivated, empowering self and others to pursue journeys that will show the belief systems that provide long term fulfilment, and healthy stable relationships.

Thriving is a conditional response when resilience and surviving is already actualised, and when new conditions are created and new thoughtforms are self-realised.

The pattern of Thriving is a Healthy Wholeistic viewpoint of Self in Our own Nature. Wholistic Being means every part of You as a Whole. 

Regeneration is the Essence of Life's Self-organisational qualities. So what are your choices? What are your beliefs?

The stories that we have been given about ourselves are no longer working or sustaining us as we realise that we are so much more, Big change in every new way is moving through us all and we are ready to make choices upon the new information we have. 

Custodianship isn't about Ownership. It is about symbiosis with the landscape of all our environments, inner and outer. Guardianship is our birthright. 

We are All in a new place of reframing history, a recognition that regeneration of Self in a sense of new place is taking our recognition of changes that we are making. Co-evolutionary waves of consciousness are opening up in our intelligence through the New Nature Programmes that we are calling in, and which equates through the patterns of change that Gaia, our Beautiful Planet  brings to all of us, as we Rise and open new Frequencies through the new Consciousness that is opening in our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Quantum Realms, we become the Pioneers for a new world of information that is  evolving with a newer type of lit up Grace that far exceeds the programming of us as yesterday.  

We are the Evolutionary Consciousness of Tomorrow unfolding.

Our Physical Reality is affected by our patterns of living and the environment we think into place. Our Physical Reality is the LAST place that information from our Morphogenetic Library and Energy fields reach. 

Our Belief systems are changing. Consciousness is our road maps of Information in Highways that determine who We are in participation of Our journey of experiences and new expansions - we are the expansion, we are the journey, we are the new thinking moving us forward.

The language of our social normal we learn when we grow is not about thinking as a whole forest but only as a single tree. Service to others before self, turn a blind eye to what is really happening,  We have been taught separation. segregation, and competitiveness to keep us in dumbed and narrow minded mindsets, and although these experiences have taught us how to perfom in rigidity, the Clarity we seek now is calling Transparancy with everything. 

The unified whole always brings balance and stability and an expansiveness way beyond old survival networking.

WE ARE Remembering more of WHO WE Really Are and How We Thrive.       We Are a Law of One. 

As we come together in Self as a Unified Field of Wholeness we naturally move away from that which no longer supports us. This is the realisation of Thriving.

Regenerative thinking is the change in perception of Self that is happening en-masse and it is what calls us to make the necessary changes in our lives and societies as fields of unified coherence. We are literally understanding and engaging with the mycelium of Self and Collective in loving engagement.

We are becoming more Conscious in our thinking about what we share. Wholeness is only one part; the understanding of wholeness as a jigsaw fitting together but also what holds the jigsaw in place?

Healthy mind is an integration of all of the sum of it's parts. Healthy mind, healthy mindsets, equilibrium in Wholeness regenerating through all self.

We see our mind as an evolving organ that changes shape but the truth is we live in the sense of the mind and our interrelational with all things and our relationship with Self in community.

Our community is changing through us as we expand our conscious awareness of our reality, so we transcend our old programming from society and realise that the imaginal cells are changing shape and morphing us into the sense of development that creates new. But self can not do it alone, it takes a village to raise a child in wholeness, so we become a mirror to what is available and the sense of self makes changes in the sense of Health and Wellbeing as new experiences and energetic footprints take new shape within our conscious reality as we make new community. 

We are taking ownership of all that which occupies us, bridging our mind and our heart together.

Coming into a neutral state, the state of Healthy is already a natural state, it is the Harmony that already exists. There is a collaborative force in the Multiverse that is in harmony with us and is seeking us out, cells meeting cells, igniting the mitochondria that feed us and tune us up into the Natural world around us. We tune into the sphere of intelligence at that point to over ride old imput.

We are walking eco-systems so we need to re-think how our environments keep us safe and create the changes that are necessary to realise that Thriving is a natural state, a paradigm transition of us in our awareness that the shift is upon us, being actioned through new experiences of us evolving.

What is your identity and what do you identify with? This is The question of Self seeing Self. Conscious meeting consciousness.

Uncertainty challenges us to become mindful of the innovation opportunities we can adapt, evolve, thrive in response to our changing context within ourselves and the landscapes that is in constant change around us.

Doing things with Great Love and Heart Full Attention will help us support ourselves in how we change the new algorithms that are becoming the new us of our own creative and regeneration of self. 

We are mirrors to old illusions and new paradigms already existing.

A New Full time attention to self is happening, to land, to gardens, to the elements, to the seasonal changes that are moving through us. WE are the All and it is in a perfect order and flow.

We are recognising that we are bcoming the Wise Elders and New Guardians, becoming aware of the process of how we can be present in our moments.

The mindset of changing from worrying about an outcome of us in our evolution, not getting it right, to recognising that it already is okay and right anyway, so we are able to change our focus to that Harmonic convergence of Frequency we choose to resonate with, which then changes the state of our environment outside the existing paramaters set in mindless affiliations. 

We Are Already Alright.  We Are in True Realisation that Survival Programming is Being Removed and Thriving is the New Mindset we Actualise.

Thank You For Showing Up exactly as You Are

We Honour You

We Love You

We Thank You